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Headache FAQs

Headaches can be so frustrating, and they can really get in the way of the normal activities that you perform in your everyday life. In this article, we’ll provide the answers to some questions that are often asked with respects to headaches and migraines.

Q. Do migraine headaches run in the family?
A. Unfortunately, yes. Migraine headaches appear to be hereditary, with a full eighty percent of migraine sufferers having a family history of the headaches. In a situation in which one parent has migraine headaches, the child has a roughly fifty percent chance of experiencing them as well. In cases where both parents are migraine sufferers, the child has a seventy five percent chance of becoming afflicted with the problem.

Q. What are some of the more common causes for headaches to occur?
A. While we don’t know EXACTLY what causes headaches, we do know that there are many ‘triggers’ that can lead to developing a headache. Among these headache triggers are many foods that we commonly consume. One thing that can bring on headaches that many people are unaware of is caffeine. Ingesting caffeine can cause certain people’s bodies to react negatively and they experience a headache. Consumption of alcohol can also greatly increase one’s chance of getting a headache, with red wine being one of the most prominent things that you can indulge in that will result in a headache. People who get headaches all the time should really consider how much they consume trigger foods. Among them are chocolate products, types of aged cheese, and vinegar. Vinegar is a particularly pesky entity like caffeine because few people realize all of the things that vinegar is in. You can find vinegar in salad dressings, many sauces, and ketchup. Also, organ meats such as liver or kidneys can cause headaches, and so can dairy products such as sour cream and yogurt.

Before we continue, you should understand that any advice offered here must not be understood as qualified medical advice. If our essay on "Advice on Headaches" is useful, thats great, but you definitely should seek authorized medical opinion before you act on the advice offered here.

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Q. Are tension headaches and migraine headaches the only type of headaches?
A. No, they are not. As a matter of fact, the medical community has identified over three hundred different types of headaches! Tension headaches and migraine headaches are only the most commonly experienced headaches. Headaches can also be underlying symptoms of a greater problem. This type of headache is known as a secondary headache, and it can denote that one has a serious health condition such as meningitis or possibly brain cancer.

Q. How do I know if I’m experiencing a chronic headache problem?
A. Doctors diagnose a chronic headache problem as one in which the sufferer experiences headachy symptoms for at least 15 days out of a month. These types of headache sufferers need to consult their doctors for treatment options, as using analgesics to treat headaches over and over again can lead to rebound headaches which are unable to be aided by basic painkillers.

Hopefully, these answers cleared up some of the questions that you have about headaches. There is a vast knowledge available with regards to headaches, and if you’re experiencing a headache problem that is affecting your life to a noticeable degree, you need to speak to a physician, as there are many different types of treatment available for headache problems.

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