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Headaches and Medications That Might Cause Them

There are so many different things that can cause headache pain. When you are trying your best to determine what causes yours you may be surprised at the long list of causes that you need to look into. There are not only the common triggers such as foods; stress and weather changes but there are also medications. Some people have a lot of difficulty because of medications that they take. How does one determined if this is something that causes their headaches? They must go through the list of things that can be a problem and see if there is a pattern to when they get headaches.

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Some medications can be a problem for those who sufferer from headaches. If you recognize any of the medications on the list as prescriptions that you take that does not mean you should stop taking them. First most of these are necessary medications to take and cannot be stopped merely in the hopes of controlling ones headaches. On the other hand talking with your health care provider to see if perhaps the medication can be changed for another that serves the same purpose is good step. Only then will you know if itís possible to use something else. The medications known to cause headaches include those used to control high blood pressure, treat ulcers, some for heart disease including nitroglycerin, drugs that control seizures and birth control pills. Birth control pills have many unknowns along with them. One is how they affect headaches. Some studies swear they make headaches worse, while others claim that there is no correlation between the two.

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Over the counter mediations can be as much a part of the problem as a part of the cure. People who are chronic headache sufferers all too often rely too heavily on over the counter medications. This reliance on the pain relief drugs can be a problem when they stop using them causing a withdrawal that can in itself cause headaches.
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Interestingly studies over the last twenty years continue to prove that most over the counter medications interfere with other medication making it harder to relieve the pain of headaches. One study broke treatments into several groups. It found that people who used just over the counter pain relievers improved only eighteen percent. Those that were weaned off the over the counter pain relievers improved a surprising forty three percent. In the same study patients were given antidepressants and pain relievers. This combination improved thirty percent over a four-week period. But those who used only the antidepressant over the same period had an improvement of seventy percent. Still another study showed that patients who were hospitalized for something else and who used over the counter pain relievers regularly improved in their headache problems eighty percent over a two-week period. It seems that medications can do as much overall harm as they do good for those who suffer from headache pain. Perhaps itís a good time to try to find other more natural pain relief.

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