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Environmental Causes of Headaches : Headache Pain And Your Environment

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Headache Pain and Your Environment

What you do can cause a headache. Sometimes people are just unfortunate enough to be chronic headache sufferers and most of the things they do in their lives affect their headaches adversely, but sometimes things can be changed. Most people don’t realize how much their environment can have an effect on their headache pain. Everything that can be done to make changes that might improve the occurrences of and the severity of a person’s headaches should be tried.

Sometimes where you work affects your headaches. If the place is somewhere that you will be breathing in noxious fumes this can definitely cause headache pain. This includes things like turpentine, benzene, formaldehyde and carbon dioxide, to name a few. But its not just things you breathe that can make your headaches worse. If you work in an office and spend the whole day at a computer screen you can cause eyestrain and this will also be a headache trigger. If the lights in your office or work area are fluorescent then the ongoing flickering is known to be a headache trigger as are any excessively bright lights. Noise, a common cause of headache pain, can also be a problem at your work environment defending on what your job is.

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But its not just your work environment that can be a problem for your headache pain. You must also consider your play and home environments. Physical exertion can cause headache pain for some people. This can be very unfortunate for someone who likes to have a game of handball with a co-worker, tennis with friends, weight lifting at the gym or any other strenuous sport. This exertion problem can even include headaches that occur during sex. Though this is more likely to happen to a man it can be a real problem during intimate relations. It can cause serious problems in a relationship and if one partner has this problem a doctor’s advice may be useful.

Another cause of environmental headaches can be stress. If you hate your job then going to work at the same place every day can cause a person stress. Emotional stress is one of the most common causes of headaches. If the job gets to you, no matter how much the pay pleases you, the ongoing headaches are not worth it. Begin to look around for another job that may have a work environment that you will find more to your liking. What about your home life? If going home means walking into a stressful environment you need to look for ways to fix it. If its a bad marriage, or not getting along with parents or roommates you need to make decisions that will relieve the stress. They may not be easy moves to make but living daily with headache pain is not easy either. If environment is the key to your headache pain be prepared to make changes and improve whatever it is in your environment that causes your headaches even if that will be difficult.

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