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Headache Medication Risks : Prophylactic Headache Treatments And Their Side Effects

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There are many things that can be done for those who are suffering from recurring headaches. The first thing to understand is that no matter what kind of headache someone is suffering from, there is no cure for it. They happen because that person is susceptible to headaches. But there are many different options in the treatment of headaches and that is what people need to search for when trying to see how to improve their headache pain. Commonly people use treatments that are taken once the headache begins. But there are also some headache treatments that are worth considering that require daily medication. These plans are not dependent on what kind of headache pain, how severe or how often someone may have them just that they are regular sufferers.

Normally if a health care provider is going to try to help someone who has a high number of recurring headaches they will suggest a prophylactic. Prophylactic treatment means taking medication as a potential preventative. This can reduce the number of headaches or if not the number potentially the severity. Most doctors will only try this kind of treatment plan for a few months, no more than six, because of potential side effects. They will also want their patients to be closely monitored. There can be side effects to many of the treatments they will suggest. Prophylactic medications of choice include beta-blockers, calcium channel blockers, antidepressants, serotonin antagonists, and anticonvulsants.
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The health care providers will start with low doses and very close monitoring. They will be looking for sleep disruptions, hallucinations, weight gain or weight loss, and diminished memory. It is of the utmost importance that the patient does not take any other medications without their doctorís approval when they are involved in this treatment plan. A woman cannot be pregnant and undergo a prophylactic treatment plan since this could be dangerous to their unborn child. Side effects are the single biggest concern with this plan.

Beta Blockers are known to help headache sufferers. Normally people who have irregular heartbeats use them. They slow the heart and lower oneís blood pressure. But they also make you tired, can make you depressed, and affect your sleep adversely. Calcium channel blockers also slow the heart rate and lower blood pressure. They can have similar side effects to the beta-blockers but can also cause dizziness and swelling of the ankles that. Antidepressants are risky because they can aggravate glaucoma. They also can cause constipation, water retention; weight gain and symptoms that make it feel like you always have the flu. Serotonin antagonists are very successful for those who sufferer from recurring migraines with their current success rate hovering at about fifty five percent. But like the others they bring with them side effects like muscle aches, hallucinations or chest pain. Anticonvulsants are also known to cause dizziness, sleep disorders, tiredness and sometimes rashes. With all these possible side effects one has to decide if the prophylactic treatment plan is truly the right one.

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