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Headache Support Groups, Forums and Chat Rooms

Headaches can be a serious problem depending on the type that you suffer from. Not serious as in worrisome that it may be a more grave problem that is showing its first symptoms as headache, but serious as in how to properly manage the pain. Your health care provider can give you advice on pain management or suggest various treatments but only those who experience headaches can really understand what the pain is like. Only other headache sufferers can share ideas that they have tried, some of which will have been successful and others not. It is only this group of people that you can truly learn from. Where do you find them? They have chat rooms all over the Internet waiting to talk to others like themselves.
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There are many different types of headaches that people must learn to deal with. There are cluster headaches, which are believed by many to be the most painful of the headache groups. These are more likely to be a mans problem. There are migraines, the headache more likely to be suffered by women. But there are so many more; stress headaches, ice cream headaches and rebound headaches to name a few. Being able to ask questions of others suffering the same pain and discomfort as yourself can help to ease your pain.

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What about those of you who are parents confused by the headaches your child has begun to suffer from. A younger child may have nothing more to tell you than how much it hurts and look at you with expectation as they wait for you to make it better. Even a teenager will have difficulty in explaining what they are suffering and understanding why these headaches happen to them. Some of the frightening aspects of this and the many question that go with dealing with your childs pain can be helped by using chat rooms. You can talk to other parents and see what they have done to help their child. Your teen can also benefit by these chats rooms by talking to kids their own age who are experiencing the same episodic pains.

What if you are pregnant and a headache sufferer? Although its easy for a doctor to tell you when you can and cant use medication and the possible side effects of going against their advice, talking to other woman who have also worked around headaches and pregnancy could be very comforting. Sometimes when you have a medical issue to deal with you feel that you are the only person on earth who has that problem. Communicating with others who have the same problem takes away the feeling of fear and isolation allowing the time to think of solutions instead of only the pain.

There may be several chat rooms on your topic and you may find you wind up talking to people from all over the world. That should make it even more interesting as you learn what people from other cultures do to deal with those painful headaches.

Headache Support Groups
Headache Support Groups, Forums and Chat Rooms

Headaches can be a serious problem depending on the type that you suffer .....

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