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Device to Stop Teeth Grinding Stops Headaches

What would you say if someone told you that one of the reasons you have headaches is because of the things you do with your teeth in your sleep? If you are someone who clenches their teeth all night or grinds their teeth you may have just found the solution to some of your headache pain. There is a recently approved device, a mouth guard of sorts, which prevents the patient from being able to continue these grinding and clenching habits by making it impossible for their teeth to touch. Itís a relatively simple device that fits on the two front top teeth. It was designed by a dentist who realized that he needed to give himself some nighttime relief from the grinding that be believed was causing his own headaches.

Originally that device was marketed to help with a different jaw problem but he noticed that people who were using it were sleeping better and waking up without their usual morning headaches. Wearing the device, and putting an end to grinding were cutting patientís headaches time in half at worst. The dentist had many tests conducted to prove the usefulness of this device. One such test was done exclusively with migraine sufferers who had at least two migraines monthly. Within two months of the patients being fitted with the device eighty two percent of them found a seventy seven percent decrease in the amount of headaches they had been having. Some headache experts have taken exception to the use of this device to treat migraines claiming that the grinding of teeth has never been named as one of the triggers for migraine headaches. Yet it has been shown to improve migraines with almost as much success as tension headaches.

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Interestingly tension headaches lessened with the first week of use. These results are a lot more obvious. Many people who grind or clench their teeth every night are stressed out. The tightness in their jaws every single night would not surprisingly cause serious headache pain. The device would help to make for a restful night. This is turn would cause less stress and the both of them together would lessen the tension headaches.

It was thought at one time that all that was required to stop the grinding of teeth was to realign them. The idea being that once braces were removed and a personís teeth made to sit perfectly straight that this would eliminate any more clenching or grinding. But this was not the case, even after braces, appliances and years of correction were finally over the grinding continued.

These devices cost around four hundred dollars but can be priced as much as thirteen hundred depending on the individualís requirements. They are already being used by nearly a quarter of a million Americans with excellent results. So, if you have a teeth grinding or clenching problem every night investigate this possibility as one that might help you to sleep better then wake well rested and without that nagging morning headache.
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