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Headaches in children

We all know how difficult it can be when your child isnít feeling well and theya re unable to tell you exactly whatís wrong. They may not fully understand their bodies yet or be able to tell you exactly the pain that theyíre feeling. In this article, weíll help you to learn whatís causing your child to have a headache so that you can figure out exactly whatís wrong and what you can do to solve the problem.
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There are many reasons why it is tough to peg down exactly what is causing your child to have a headache. For one, the symptoms that children experience may be different than those experienced by an adult headache sufferer. Also, when your child is in the care of another person who isnít familiar with how your child expresses his feelings of pain may not be able to fully comprehend whatís wrong with the child.

The first thing to do when your child seems to be experiencing a headache problem would be to get a proper diagnosis from a doctor. One headache from time to time may be OK, but if the child begins to experience headaches more frequently than a few times per month, action should be taken. If your child isnít able to express exactly what they are feeling, but they are crying and donít want to eat, you may want to investigate further. Also, if the child seems to be irritable and restless, and is experiencing odd sleep patterns, you can tell that a problem may be afoot. If these symptoms abound, itís important to check with a doctor because a headache may actually be a symptom of a more serious underlying problem. When you take your child to the doctor, you can expect them to ask you if they have any neurological issues which may be contributing to the problem. Also, the doctor will want to know if the child has recently experienced any type of infection, has problems with balance or vision, or is exhibiting abnormal blood pressure readings. If the doctor can not accurately determine what is causing your childís headaches, they will likely refer your case to a neurologist. While it may be cause for concern, it is important to remember that less than 5 percent of all headaches are caused by an underlying problem.

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If your child has a headache problem that is easily explainable by the doctor that youíve visited, odds are, it will be either a case of tension-type headaches or migraine headaches. Tension-type headaches are diagnosed by a feeling of pain that occurs in both sides of the head at the same time, with the pain being mild to moderate and causing a feeling of pressure as if your head was being squeezed.
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There are two types of tension headache Ė episodic and chronic. Episodic sufferers experience the headache several times per month, and chronic sufferers experience them more than 15 days out of any given month. Migraine headaches, on the other hand, come in phases, with the afflicted feeling woozy and sometimes slightly hallucinatory before the headache comes on. The pain usually occurs on one side of the head, and the pain is usually considered to be much greater than that of a tension-type headache.

Now that you know more about the possible problems that your child may be facing, you can better understand exactly what your child may be facing. If the problem appears to be legitimate, itís important for your childís well-being that you get the problem diagnosed as soon as possible.

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