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Everything you need to know about migraines
Migraine headaches are a very specific form of headache that is trademarked by the intense feelings of pain that one experiences when they are having a migraine attack. While many people may brush off the effects of a migraine as just a headache, a migraine is actually a neurological disease that demands proper attention in order to be sufficiently treated. In this article, we’ll let you know all that you need to know about migraines in order to teach you how to deal with the problem.
Migraine symptoms vary from patient to patient. Most migraine headaches are proceeded by what’s known as a ‘prodomal phase’. In this period of time, the migraine sufferer doesn’t feel a headache, but may feel that they are in a different state of mind than they were previously. They may feel bouts of depression or may be overly ecstatic. While it’s pretty tough to determine exactly what goes on in a prodomal phase, noting changes in behavior are an important aspect of being able to understand when another migraine attack is going to come on. The prodomal phase may last from a period of hours to a number of days before the headache takes hold. After the prodomal phase, there is a short period of time in which other phenomena occur directly before a headache takes hold. Known as the ‘aural phase’, patients experiencing feelings of minor visual hallucinations can expect to feel a migraine coming on very soon. Colors might be slightly distorted, or your vision might be blurry. Also, some patients experience feelings that parts of their body had ‘fallen asleep’, with sensations across the body that are similar to the pins and needles feeling that one gets when there is a lack of circulation in the feet. Next comes the headache phase. Migraine headaches are known to occur in only half of the head most of the time, as opposed to the more common tension headaches in which the entire head is affected. Migraine onsets are usually gradual with the apex of pain not occurring for a few hours. This phase may be accompanied by blurred vision as well, and stuffiness of the nasal cavity and diarrhea may also occur. After the headache phase reaches its end, the postdrome phase occurs. In this phase, the migraine sufferer is left feeling tired and/or irritable, with a lack of concentration often occurring.

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When it comes to treating migraine headaches, the best bet is often the usage of a preventative medication in order to prevent the migraines from occurring in the first place. Using traditional pills such as aspirin to treat migraines are often ineffective, as they can lose their efficiency over time and cause rebound headaches. Oddly enough, one of the most commonly prescribed medications for dealing with migraine headaches are anti-depressant drugs. Many approaches are employed to deal with the problem and speaking with a doctor is the only way to determine exactly what the right type of treatment is for your migraine problem.

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