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There are so many thousands of headache sufferers in the Untied States and all of them will tell you that headache pain is not simply an ache in some location of their head that requires medication or rest to get rid of. Theyíll make it clear to you that this headache pain impacts on their lives in several ways. It is no simple thing to live with chronic headache pain.

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Studies have shown that nearly fifty three percent of all employees have experienced headache pain severe enough to miss work. Headache is the most common condition complained about in the workplace. Headache pain accounts for an average three and a half hours of work time lost per week. Since it is impossible for those who have recurrent headaches to always take the time off they need itís often work performance not the employee missing work that becomes the issue.

Sometimes it is hard to explain to your health care provider what kind of impact your headaches have on your day-to-day life. One way to do this is to take a headache impact test. These are available at many headache sites. The test will ask you some basic questions, after getting some non-identifying statistical information, which will determine if your headache pain is having a severe or a minimal impart on your life. Once this is determined it will make you a printable report that you can give to your health care provider the next time you have an appointment. It will summarize how you think your headaches affect your life. Some people may think that these headache impact tests are nothing but party games. This is not true at all. They have proven to be very useful in helping to access treatment plans for headache sufferers.

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Some studies have shown that chronic headache pain can cause depression. They can impact on personal relationships, which often do badly for headache sufferers. This is because in part someone who doesnít experience headaches can never really understand how disabling the pain can be. If you are a migraine sufferer then your headache pain can literally knock you out of circulation for a whole day. It often comes with more symptoms that just headache pain. The migraine sufferer can feel ill, vomit and find light way too much for their eyes.

Sometimes those who do not suffer this kind of intense pain do not understand that it is very often a genetic disorder and that the sufferer does not choose to have a headache it just happens. How frustrating it is for headache sufferers, no matter what kind of headache they have, to be told to get over it, or to take a pill so we can go out. To be disbelieved by a partner who thinks itís a psychosomatic illness used by sufferers to get out of doing things or going places. This disbelief can certainly damage the relationship of someone who sufferers headaches regularly and finds no sympathy from their partner.

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