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Headache Home Remedies

There are many natural remedies for headaches that are being tried. More people want to avoid the cycle of medicating themselves to stop the ongoing headaches they suffer with. They tire of the pills, the nasal sprays and injectibles that are relied on to diminish, or hopefully dispel, the headache pain and discomfort that they are suffering from. That is not to say that headache sufferers, even those dealing with chronic headaches, are addicted to medication, but only that medication is offered up on a regular basis as the answer to the pain. This frequently has headache sufferers looking for alternatives.

To begin with you can try exercise. This seems an odd one to many headaches sufferers who would prefer to lie down in a quiet dark room when a bad headache comes on. But, some have found that light exercise, nothing loud or high impact, allows them to deal better with their pain. The suggestion is to try walking for thirty minutes when you feel the onset of a migraine. Exercise is known to let the body’s own natural painkillers flow into your system.
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If you have someone you are comfortable asking, then consider a massage when you feel the onset of a headache. Ask your significant other, or any other close friend who you think wouldn’t mind massaging your shoulders and neck. Lie down on a couch on your stomach and allow yourself the feeling of complete relaxation. Others will suggest that if you want to use massage to its fullest, getting rid of a headache will come quicker by massaging your feet or the spot between your thumb and first finger. Never be afraid to try a simple method to improve your headache pain. After all if it works you will have learned something useful.
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The most common home remedies are the use of hot and cold. Different temperatures work for different people. Some use a cold pack on the top of their heads, the back of their necks or their foreheads. Others use a heating pad or hot water bottle. You’ll have to experiment to see which one, if any, work for you.

Yoga is an easy and inexpensive relaxation method that helps some people to rid themselves of their headache pain. Meditation can be very comforting. Some people are using herbs to help increase the levels of certain minerals that they are lacking, which they believe might be the cause some of their headaches.

Sometimes how much sleeping a person does or doesn’t do can be a headache trigger. Routine can improve this problem and so improve on the headaches. Try to go to bed around the same time as often as you can. Get up the same time in the morning as well. This usually allows a person to sleep better and avoids oversleep which can cause headaches. Try using a buckwheat pillow, it can help you to sleep better as well as give better head support. The more comfortable you are the better you’ll sleep.

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