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Headache pain is one of the most common difficulties suffered by men and woman alike. Some headaches are more prevalent in one sex than the other, but all in all the pain is the thing that must be dealt with. One way is to try to determine the things that trigger a headache and see what can be done to prevent those triggers. This is true of more headaches than just migraines. In headache care prevention is just as important, if not more so, as treatment.

To properly track your headache triggers a headache diary would be a big help. Use this to keep track of when you have headaches, how bad they are and if you have any accompanying symptoms. As well, what did you do leading up to the headache? What did you eat and drink? Did you sleep well? Did you use different soap or shampoos when you bathed? Are you taking any medications? All these, and anything else you can think of, can be very helpful in tracking down your headache triggers.

Some medications are known to be headache triggers. The problem is that most of them cannot be stopped, as they are important to a personís health. What can be done, sometimes, is to change the particular medication or try another one that will have the same benefits to a personís health but may help the headaches. This does not always work, but is still worth a try. Some of the medicines known to be a problem include medications for high blood pressure, anti-seizure and ulcer drugs and some drugs for heart problems. Never stop these medications unless your doctor has instructed you to. Sometimes the headaches are the lesser problem when it comes to the proper care of your health. Birth control pills are also often headache causers. This is very common since they are hormone adjusters.

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Food consumption, or more acutely the lack of food consumption has been shown to be a big headache trigger. A large study with over two thousand participants showed that women who went longer than five hours during the day without eating were very likely to have a headache. At night, if they went more than thirteen hours with no food this could trigger a headache. Although this is proven to be factual, researchers were not able to define an exact cause. Speculation was that is might have to do with a drop in blood sugar or dehydration.

Sleep itself can be a trigger. Too much or too little is not good for your body. Trying to keep a routine by sleeping the same amount of time, going to bed and rising at the same times, all this can help to make sleeping a comfortable experience instead of a trigger for more headache pain.
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There are many more headache triggers that include food, sex, exercise, tension, noise, light, smells, smoking or alcohol. The keys to headache care is determining what your individual triggers are and then eliminating them.

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