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Foods Can Trigger Headaches

One of the most useful things to understand about your headaches is if there are any triggers that bring them on. While it may seem silly to some the truth is that the more you know about your headaches and how to prevent them the less time you’ll spend with that agonizing throbbing in your head. We all know about weather changes and sleep disruptions, but we must consider that some of the foods we eat and the things we drink may also trigger the headaches we dread.

One of the big headache triggers is Tyramine. This chemical is found in many of the foods that we eat daily including chocolate, red wine, soy sauce, yogurt, liver, sour cream, and any cheeses that are aged as well as most of the many condiments that contain vinegar.
Nitrates are another trigger, which are found in the same foods as Tyramine. The two other them together are certainly a powerful headache trigger.

There is a well-known food additive and flavor enhancer, called Monosodium Glutamate, known more commonly as MSG, which is a proven trigger of headaches. This additive is so common that estimates say that over twenty thousands tons of it are put into our foods every year. We consume this additive when we eat roasted nuts, Chinese foods, soups, sauces, dressings, mayonnaise, frozen foods or potato chips. Some people experience stomach upsets when eating foods containing MSG others get severe headaches.
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Alcohol is also a big trigger for headaches. This includes just about anything you might like to drink from wines and champagne to beer or liqueurs. In part this is because of the Tyramine but it is also because drinking alcohol causes dehydration and dehydration can be a serious cause of headaches. The worst ones known to be red wine and brandy.
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Other foods, which fit in no particular category, can trigger headaches as well. These include citrus fruits, milk and diary foods, seafood, onions, wheat and soy byproducts, fatty foods or some artificial sweeteners. Excessively high doses of vitamins can make your head pound; particularly vitamins A and B. Remember even too much of a good thing can be a bad thing.

Caffeine is one element that sits on the line. It is known to cause headaches yet it is also known to be a headache medication. Still, too much caffeine, taken in through foods such as chocolate, coffee or coke is known to cause headaches. Oddly you can also get a headache from caffeine withdrawal. If you’re a regular coffee or tea drinker and then go without for long enough your body will crave the caffeine causing a headache. It may seem that everything we really enjoy is a headache trigger, but it is not actually that bad. Headache suffers just need to discover their triggers and do their best to avoid those foods as much possible. If the foods are favorites make sure you have only a little or are ready for the headache that may come.

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